• Jack Chan

What "Clean" Looks Like In a Post Covid-19 World

The commercial cleaning industry in Australia has grown rapidly in the post COVID-19 world. Safety measures and precautions regarding cleanliness have also been increasing alongside it. It's important to know the criteria provided by the government and different health communities to keep yourself safe.

As a commercial cleaning business, it's not only your responsibility to take care of yourself but also to care for others around you.

How “Clean” is defined in a post-COVID-19 world?

People have new ideas and perceptions for the term “clean” after experiencing COVID-19. That's why commercial cleaners need to become vigilant about the new cleanliness measures.

Here are some important things to consider while cleaning:

Disinfecting surfaces is a must

Harmful bacteria and viruses are always present on the surfaces of living space. It's important to regularly clean and disinfect them. This is recommended by the government and WHO for eliminating the risk of getting infected.

The meaning of physical interaction is different

COVID-19 taught us a lot about how human interaction is changing. Even simple interactions like greetings that we take for granted in the past have now become a cause for concern. Viral and infectious diseases are unpredictable, especially C-19. The carrier can be asymptomatic without even knowing until it's too late. This is the main reason why the virus can spread like wildfire.

The government has recommended a safe distance that you should keep when coming in contact with people. This is something to keep in mind when working as a frontliner and keeping the community clean.

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Consider antiviral ventilation

Antiviral ventilation is preferred by many people in the post COVID-19 world. It's advised by the health community to keep air ventilators on. This will help you in getting rid of unwanted germs and particles lingering in the air.

Any bacteria present in the environment can be extracted with the use of air ventilators. This is an effective method in keeping your living space clean and safe from all types of viral and infectious diseases.

Usage of sanitisers

In the pre COVID-19 world, many weren't aware of the importance of using sanitisers and regular hand washing. Things have changed now. People are conscious of the danger and prefer using sanitisers more consistently now after shaking hands or coming in contact with different surfaces.

Every surface you come in contact with can be contaminated and pose a risk. To be on the safe side the use of sanitiser is highly recommended. It is also advised to keep your hands clean by washing them regularly at your workplace and at home. Practice safety in every aspect when handling tools and sanitise sufficiently after every interaction.

Use of face masks is must

To stay vigilant, masks have become a staple in the post COVID-19 world. In most work and public places, the use of a face mask is mandatory. Keeping your nose and face covered at all times reduces the risk of transmission.

Final thoughts

The criteria for clean is ever changing and evolving in the post COVID-19 world. As a commercial cleaning business on the frontline, necessary steps need to be taken to ensure that your job is done well and your workforce is safe.

That's where technology makes a difference. With the use of geo-tagging, contact tracing and time tracking, you'll be provided with the tools that can help you identify and isolate cases to further curb the spread of this deadly virus.

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