• Jack Chan

The Ultimate Workforce Communication Checklist

Workforce communication is very important and is the key to holding an organisation together. It is essential for all the employees working for the company coming together as a team. Teamwork really does make the dream work. Understanding this fundamental concept enhances the performance of the entire organisation and keeps your workforce motivated and stress-free.

Workforce communication can bring out the natural talent of an employee, identifying areas to be polished and put to good use. Having clear communication enhances the productivity of your workforce and by extension, for your business. Communication is a powerful tool for any company. It doesn’t stop, when you stop meeting in person.

Communication is essential and happens as often, if not more with a remote workforce.

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Want to enhance the performance of workforce communication? The following checklist can work as a great guideline:

There should be a clear objective

Set goals and objectives for every project and discuss them with your entire team. Equip yourself with the best management software out there for this exact purpose to keep them in the loop and consistently updated with what task that needs to be done. Such visibility and transparency can increase the performance of your workforce and help them work more efficiently and accurately.

  • Discuss all the objectives that you want them to achieve for a specific project. Clarity is important because they need to know the required KPIs to perform well.

  • Encourage and motivate them to meet the criteria and objectives needed to meet a certain goal. Setting clear objectives and providing them with the tools to meet them, should be your number one priority.

Make the new employees feel worthy

Every time you make a new hire for your organisation, remind yourself to make them feel welcomed and start communicating with them immediately. Communication doesn’t only start on day 1 on the job. It should be included in your vetting process during the interview. Encourage them to talk about their previous experiences and the lessons they learn. It helps to connect with them as people.

  • The only way to identify talent is through communication. Talk to them and help them feel comfortable. With comfort, they can let their guard down and show you their hidden skills. When used properly, this can benefit the company in various ways.

  • You should also discuss your organisation's environment with them, so that they know the values and goals of your company. Culture is an important aspect of your business and you’ll want to explain this to them clearly right from the start.

Give them a clear picture of your organisation and tell them what you are expecting from them and what you have to offer. This should be a mutually beneficial relationship. Transparency should be your goal when communicating effectively.

Appreciate the good work

Every time an employee has done a great job, celebrate it! Don’t let it slide. Taking notice of those small achievements will help your employee feel appreciated. Do it in public to get them motivated. This is a team effort. Acknowledging their achievement and rewarding it can breed loyalty in the long run and help you maintain a great company culture and strong workforce.

Final Thoughts

Workforce communication plays a very important role in the success of any business including yours. Get to know your employees well and talk to them about the difficulties and challenges they’re facing. Treating them like people can really make a difference in employee retention. Think about all the money and time you’ll be saving from the training needed for new hires.

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