• Jack Chan

The Problem With Starting A Cleaning Business

The coming of the pandemic has brought many businesses to their knees as the government started implementing nationwide lockdown procedures. Naturally, it also became a catalyst for the rise of demand for the cleaning industry as its services were brought to the forefront, making commercial cleaning a necessity for the safety of the community it supports. It has been estimated that by the end of 2022, the commercial cleaning sector will grow to an expected net worth of $74.3 million globally.

Commercial cleaning industry has helped the government implement the necessary strategies to ensure that work, home, and public environments are safe enough for public use and to mitigate the spread of the deadly virus.

As more and more business owners shutter operations, the opposite is true of the commercial cleaning industry as it has been experiencing a surge of new operations globally. While jumping into the commercial cleaning business might just be the golden opportunity similar to the gold rush of yesteryear, running a business for commercial cleaning in Australia may come with many challenges.

There are a number of issues currently faced by the commercial cleaning industry which could potentially affect the sector's growth. Here are a few of the challenges and major reasons behind the problems.

1. Communication issue

The outbreak of COVID–19 was a grave lesson to learn as the situation got out of hand really quickly. Governments were left unprepared to handle the situation in a timely manner. Mixed messages came through about rules and regulations, creating confusion and mass panic, Many business owners have decided to put their business on hold, causing commercial cleaning companies to lose valuable clients.

2. Introducing high-level skills and technology

Commercial cleaning used to be regarded by organisations as an optional choice and a last line budget item. Average or sub-par performance was negligible and wasn’t a real cause for concern. As the pandemic hit the globe, it’s now a requirement for everyone to take extra care of the cleanliness and hygiene of their business.

In a sudden turn of events, the commercial cleaning industry is now on top of the priority list of most businesses. Being thrown into the front line, they have no choice but to start introducing new equipment to provide better sanitation facilities. The technology and materials deployed will be in accordance with the guidelines and information provided by the government.

As a commercial cleaning business in Australia, it’s absolutely essential that you leverage technology to improve your workflow and manage your workforce better. It’s the only way to stay ahead of the competition and to perform your tasks safely.

3. Lack of resources and supply chain issues

Due to the lockdown imposed in different countries, many organizations were forced to shut down their operations and production of materials. Commercial cleaning businesses that have been importing products from overseas are now required to look for alternative options.

Owing to the manufacturing process being halted, the availability of sanitising chemicals and high-tech machines like electrostatic sprays ran out of stock quickly, creating an unexpected shortage.

4. Employee shortage

As the public demand increases, the commercial cleaning industry sector is unable to keep up and maintain fulfillment of the demands. One major reason for this problem was due to the shortage of human resources. Many employees have decided to be absent at work and prefer to stay with their families. As a result, commercial cleaning businesses are unable to plan their workforce in an efficient way, losing opportunities to provide the sanitation services to their customers.

5. Financial challenges

Sanitising products can be costly and purchases have to be made in lieu of governmental orders. Every new instruction comes with a laundry list of new products. This puts a greater weight on the bottom line and increases unnecessary financial burden.

Like any business, commercial cleaning can be risky to get into with high competition but when done right, could be very lucrative. If you’re planning to start a commercial cleaning business in Australia, TalentTap can help you automate processes and streamline workforce management.

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