• Jack Chan

The Most Efficient Way to Manage Your Workforce Life Cycle

As a business, it's important to manage your workforce lifecycle effectively. In doing so, you'll be able to improve your work order to keep your customers satisfied with the services that you're providing. That's where technology comes into play. There are many different software and tools available that can effectively help in remote workforce management.

To improve work orders, certain beneficial measures can be taken for your business as well as your customers. If you are dealing with a commercial cleaning business, here are some effective ways to manage your workforce lifecycle:

Feedback and reviews

It's important to get feedback regarding the work that you have done, as it gives you a better idea of the quality of service you're providing and how you can improve it.

TalentTap allows you to get in touch with your customers to find out what they think about the work you're providing. Using a workforce management tool with an inspection feature can create a quick and transparent feedback loop that will ensure problems are addressed quickly and expectations are met. You can also start managing your future work order with the customer's requirements in mind. This can help you manage the workforce lifecycle in a better way.

Develop new strategies

Save time with workforce management software. Cutting down time spent in your business means more time spent on making new plans and strategies for your business.

When you start spending your time growing your business instead of working in it, new ideas can flourish and accelerate the growth of your business. More time means more opportunity.

Set your priorities

To manage work orders and your workforce effectively, start prioritising impactful work that matters. Mundane admin tasks can be automated or delegated. Remember that you should always concentrate your time on things that can further improve and grow your business. The tasks you delegate to your team will also give them a sense of trust and tell them that you're confident in their ability to perform the best work they can for your benefit.

Not sure how to automate admin tasks? You can start by using workforce management software like TalentTap to take notes, organise schedules and systematically automate time and task tracking. This will keep the workforce organised and save you valuable time.

Keep in touch with your workforce

The only way you can truly manage the work done by your employees is through good communication. It won't make much sense to keep them on a call while they do their work or expect a text every 5 minutes on progress, but managers need to know what's being done.

To ensure a smooth work order, we turn our attention again to remote workforce management tools. Receive real-time data updated consistently through time and location tracking, an easy-to-use integrated communication tool; and image and video upload capabilities gives you visibility that helps you to keep tabs on your workforce every step of the way.

This will empower your employees, giving them the flexibility to finish the work they're meant to do distraction-free. They will know that the efforts they are putting in is appreciated and acknowledged. This can help you manage them better, further increasing customer satisfaction.

Timely performance check

Need to provide your client with a live update? That tends to be tedious with calls and blind assurance provided without any photographic evidence. You'll never truly know how things are going until you or your supervisor is on-site.

That's why workforce management tools can make life easier. Check in on work orders virtually from wherever you are. High visibility for you, your workforce and your clients makes business better.

Final Thoughts

Managing your workforce lifecycle effectively requires the right strategies and tools. Without the right tool, even the best business person can struggle to manage and grow their business.

That's why you need a great partner by your side. TalentTap is the preferred workforce management tool of commercial cleaners and facility managers in Australia and New Zealand. We make it easy for you to keep tabs on your workforce, automating processes and improving your work order lifecycle.

If you're hoping to increase the quality of your work orders and workforce lifecycle, TalentTap is your answer. Schedule a call and try it yourself free for 14-days!