• Jack Chan

Quality Control 101: Why Bother (and How It Makes for Happy Customers)

The only way to have happy customers is to implement the right solutions within your entire business. In theory, this sounds really straightforward and simple. The right Quality Control system can eliminate concerns, and will also solve many of the possible challenges that can arise. The great thing about the right quality control system is that it can help you improve the way your business works, and results will be amazing.

Why do you need a Quality Control program?

The role of Quality Control is to ensure that your products and services are created according to the pre-defined standard. In the case of janitorial and commercial cleaning services, this can be done by performing inspections. These will help you figure out if the janitorial process is working as expected, if there are things that can be improved and so on.

Inspections can come in handy, and will give you the value and benefits you need in a situation like this. With the right Quality Control program, you can eliminate concerns and ensure that the entire process is managed correctly and without any possible worries. This makes it easy to track quality, and results are always going to shine if you are doing these things right.

Can Quality Control inspections lead to happy customers?

The short answer is Yes. This is because they help you identify issues and ensure that the results are always very good. With that being said, it’s a great way for you to see exactly what’s wrong and what can be fixed. Feedback is at the core of it all. Simply receiving feedback itself can help quite a lot as it shows that you care. When you work on actively working on the feedback provided, that’ll snowball into improved results and a stronger business relationship. It will take a little while to adapt accordingly, but the payoff will be great and that’s what matters.

On top of that, you want to decide the solution for solving that issue in the first place. Is it something you can fix on the spot or can it wait for the next cleaning session? You must share the solution with your workforce to ensure everything is working as expected and that there are no problems to deal with here. Improving your communication is very important as well.

Another thing to consider here is that you want a central spot, preferably a digital one where all the to-dos are tracked. Having a checklist prepared can help you monitor everything without missing a beat. Whenever issues appear, you can tackle them appropriately. Not sure what to include in your inspection checklist? Download our free template here. In case a customer has concerns, that needs to be tracked on the fly and it will become a very important part of the process.


Quality Control can be great if you want to improve the customer experience. It’s future-proof, you can scale it as you see fit, and it also makes the customer communication a lot easier. Plus, the system can be updated to ensure everyone can get the right results. It will take a bit of a trial and error to make it work, but the potential is amazing and your customers will be happy in the end!

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