• Jack Chan

Paper Timesheets Suck! How They're Costing You Money

The pandemic taught a lot of businesses that technology is the way of the future and most of them have adapted to it and updated their processes, integrating technology into their business including the usage of electronic time tracking.

Unsurprising, there are some organisations especially smaller businesses that still prefer using paper timesheets. Sounds familiar? You’ve probably noticed that they are not very effective and can sometimes be downright annoying.

As you can imagine, paper trails can leave a lot of room for error, and at times those errors can be very costly.

How are paper timesheets costing your business money?

First off, paper timesheets are inconvenient to use. Task tracking and time management shouldn't be this hard. Not convinced? Here are some of the reasons we think you should switch sides and say goodbye to 90s style paper tech.

Used more than required

On a daily basis, paper timesheets are used more than required. On average, businesses are wasting a whopping 4% of timesheets due to bad handwriting or clerical error.

• That means that a lot of them get wasted every single day.

• Because of that, you'll have to order new paper timesheets every month to record your employees' clock in and out activity.

• You can save all this money by switching to an electronic time tracker.

• You can use your savings to invest in your business.

Paper timesheets are messy, making task and time tracking more difficult than it needs to be. Let’s start thinking more about the environment and get into a sustainable way of working. If you're tired of filling up landfills with paper timesheets, switch over to TalentTap, a remote workforce management tool that you can plug into your business and use right away.

Photograph of colleagues signing papers

Inaccurate records can be an issue

Let’s be honest, the records kept on paper timesheets aren't accurate. Why do you still invest so much money in a system that performs poorly at proper record keeping? Employees can be sneaky and can game the system

According to a recent study of employees, they found that employees steal up to 4.5 hours per week from their employers. That comes up to 234 hours a year per employee.

Want to protect your business from time theft? We recommend using TalentTap for your commercial cleaning business in Australia. It will help you keep your record keeping and process management flowing smoothly.

Loss of time and money is expected

Businesses spend an average of upwards of 5 hours calculating timesheets manually every month. This is a huge waste of time that you don't have. Time that can be invested in your business to make it more productive.

Photograph with lots of paperwork stacked on a table


As we see technology powering industries across the globe, it only makes sense that the service industry too should step into the future of doing business.

Paper timesheets are an inconvenience. They don't belong in our workplace anymore. A better solution is now available and easily accessible. Start saving your time and money today. Your organisation deserves to go paperless. When you are provided with a better alternative, why not take it?

TalentTap can be your solution to powering your commercial cleaning business in Australia. Designed by Weploy, it's the latest workforce management tool that comes with all unique management features you need for your business.

Whether you're only starting out or ready to scale your business, TalentTap is with you all the way. Schedule a call to try TalentTap free for 14 days today.