• Jack Chan

Managing Your Cleaning Inspections: A Checklist for Success

Managing a commercial cleaning company is no small task. Any manager will tell you that there are many moving pieces to coordinate, from equipment maintenance to employees to work shifts and more. When you’ve got your hands full with other parts of the job, the last thing you need is to have an inspection on your plate. It can be easy to lose track of cleaning inspections, but making sure they’re done regularly is one of the best ways to perform quality control on your team and ensure that your clients are receiving the care and services they deserve.

We’ve created this handy checklist to help you plan your cleaning inspection routine and to keep your management responsibilities organized efficiently. If you prefer a technological approach, you can also skip directly to an integrated workforce management tool. We’ll talk about that in more detail later, so for now, let’s get started on your cleaning inspection checklist.

1.Determine Who Will Manage Your Inspection

This depends largely on the size of your commercial cleaning operation. Do you have many different clients in facilities with a large geographic radius? You may want to consider designating a specific division of your quality control system to handle these inspections.

Picking one or two focused people to serve as area managers and the main inspectors will not only centralize the flow of information and communication but will also relieve that pressure from you. Of course, if you have a smaller business you can certainly take on this task as well with no other issues.

2.Plot out an Inspection Calendar

Sit down and make sure you have all your upcoming inspections scheduled. If you have one coming up, fill out one for another two months after that. What if you have daily inspections? Well, you'll have to put in the effort to plan out the times you'd like to do the inspections on each day then.

Keeping all of your inspections on the calendar will get you into an inspection routine and ensure the efficacy of your inspections.

3.Establish a Consistent Inspection Routine

One of the hardest things to standardize in an inspection is the list of things you’ll check for, but it’s important to complete. Ensuring that you’re using a standard procedure to check in locations makes sure that you have a consistent metric by which to measure your progress.

Don’t leave anything up to chance, but establish a hard set of benchmarks that you can use to evaluate your cleaning routines. If you're looking for a standard inspection checklist template, we have one for you here.

4.Get Your Team on the Same Page

It helps in an inspection when everyone on your team is on the same page about the purpose and outcomes of these inspections. Emphasize that your inspections are about quality control and the ultimate focus of your work is to provide quality service to every client. Make sure everyone understands what your expectations are and congratulate them when they succeed. Teamwork makes the dream work and you'll need the help of your team to exceed expectations.

An integrated workforce management system can provide digital check-ins and reminders for every component of your cleaning checklist, streamlining the system and keeping detailed records for your review.

TalentTap has a particularly good remote workforce management tool found here that provides detailed management and review services. Ultimately, make sure that the checklist system you’re using fits into your needs and helps you address every part of your cleaning requirements for a superior quality control system.

If you'd like to find out more about TalentTap, get in touch to pilot the latest and preferred tool for commercial cleaners in Australia & New Zealand today.