• Jack Chan

How is GPS Tracking Valuable For Your Commercial Cleaning Business?

Running a commercial cleaning service should come down to how you eliminate dust, dirt and grime from the offices and warehouses of your clients. It sounds simple but can be trickier than expected because you aren’t always fully available to monitor the work of your workforce. Finding the right solution to help you with that can be very difficult. Which is why it’s important to find ways to supervise your commercial cleaning workforce and see if they are doing their job right. With that in mind, something as simple as GPS tracking can help more than you might imagine.

How can GPS tracking help commercial cleaning businesses?

The main advantage you receive from GPS tracking is that you can see the exact location of the cleaning service at all times. The GPS feature is enabled for the clock-in and clock-out. As a result, you and your clients can be sure that your workforce doesn’t just punch or clock in/out randomly without doing the work. It helps quite a lot, and in the end, it will provide you with the information and support that you may need.

On top of that, it’s also easier to figure out what places were harder to clean, based on how much time was spent on them. That can be very helpful for you, as it brings a lot of relevant, important information. This information gives you clarity on how the business is going.

Adding maps that showcase GPS tracking can come in handy too. It just adds a lot more transparency to the process. It shows that your cleaning workforce is very professional and has nothing to hide. GPS tracking is ideal for a cleaning service because it shows information to your customers in real-time. Adding that sense of transparency to your business really helps you build a powerful brand. It definitely makes a commercial cleaning service stand out of the crowd.

Can GPS tracking be disabled?

No, and that’s the best thing about using GPS tracking for a commercial cleaning service. There’s no cheating, you and your customer will always know what places were cleaned, how much time was spent cleaning and the current location of the cleaning service.

Tracking the scheduled tasks on-site is very simple, and you as the cleaning company can have all the evidence needed to show current progress and the eventual cleaning process completion. GPS tracking is important because all shifts are clocked in and out with great accuracy. Normally the lack of tracking can lead to inaccurate information. That’s where the true value of GPS tracking shines, and the experience you receive is nothing short of impressive every time.


Is GPS tracking a great solution for commercial cleaning services? Absolutely! That’s because it offers a lot more value and convenience, while showing your commercial customers when the shifts are clocked in and out. A feature like this can help boost the relationship between your commercial cleaning service and your customers. It’s also empowering when it comes to branding your commercial cleaning service and bringing in more transparency.

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