• Jack Chan

Find More Clients for Your Commercial Cleaning Business

Starting a business can be a daunting task and might feel like an uphill battle. Finding your first customers, keeping them happy, managing your first hires and learning to grow can be very overwhelming. Of course, the only way to truly build a sustainable business is with an amazing lead generation strategy but how do you do that? If you need suggestions on how to start growing your business, here are 7 ways you can quickly attract customers to your business.

1. Social Media

There are many strategies you can implement on social media but the first thing you should consider doing is to start showing up. Do some quick research and find out where your target audience spends their time. Go there and create your profile. It is tempting to appear everywhere across multiple platforms right from the beginning but really, it can get overwhelming very quickly. Concentrate on 1 platform at the start. Whether it is Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram, get comfortable and start engaging with the community. There are plenty of best practices and tactics you can use for organic growth here.

Next, look into paid advertisements. The quickest way to get in front of your target audience would be by using the paid avenue. All social platforms will give you access to a variety of customizable buckets based on their behaviour and interests. This will help you identify the people that will most likely be interested in your cleaning service.

2. Get Warm Introductions

The easiest and most obvious way to find clients for your new business is to tell your friends, and relatives about it. You will be surprised how many people are willing to help you if you ask. Cast your net wide and tell everybody around you about your business. Call friends, send them DMs, blast it on social media and bring it up in conversation with whoever you meet. Get people to talk about you to their own circle of friends. Referrals are great but personally, I think warm introductions are even better. Getting a warm introduction can help you build that bridge between you and the prospect. That commonality will also help you steer the conversation in your favour.

3. Collaborate

Find a company that works in the same industry that is complementary to you. If you are a commercial cleaner, look for plumbers, electricians or facility managers. Approach them and negotiate a referral system or a joint PR activity. It is important not to choose a competitor, but rather a business whose target audience is similar to yours. Work together to find new customers. It can be cross promotions on each other’s social media platform, a banner on your partner website or even just introductions to existing customers.

4. Create Promotional Campaigns

This method can get you customers quick. One thing to note though, do not ever give out discounts for nothing or let it cut too deep into your margins. You will want to keep the promotions sustainable and have your business growing. Consider setting up a reward system. It can be a referral program where your new customers can bring in more new customers to enjoy a discount.

It could also be cash rebates where they enjoy discounts upon their next service. This could also be an excellent time to introduce a subscription model that provides discounts for longer term agreements.

5. Register on Service Marketplaces

This is another quick way to find clients for your cleaning business Look up service marketplaces that cater to your area and list your offer there. Big marketplaces tend to drive a lot of traffic because they depend heavily on buyers coming to their website to get their services. As a service provider, you can take advantage of the volume to get eyeballs on your business. This is a great way to acquire new customers at scale.

6. Outdoor Advertising

This traditional way of marketing works great for the service industry. When it comes to your cleaning business, consider taking out a billboard, put up posters or pass out flyers. The key here is repetition. The only way to stay on top of mind is to appear everywhere your target audience goes.

There are many smart ways you can make this work. Want to do something that really gets attention? Have a sign spinner on a busy intersection or clean up a busy and dirty park. Anywhere with the public eye is outdoor advertising.

7. Improve Your Business Processes

You might be wondering how internal work like this can win you customers. Well, the best retention strategy is excellent service. The only way to provide great service is with the power of technology. Automate your business processes and provide transparency to your clients. Use workforce management tools like Talent Tap to keep tabs on efficiency to make delivering quality work easier.

When you give the best service possible, it is hard for customers to keep quiet about it. Be honest and let them know that you are only starting out. Ask for help to share their success stories and provide online reviews. If they are truly satisfied, ask them for warm introductions. That is how you can unlock word-of-mouth marketing. The best and free way to get new customers.


Remember that lead generation comes down to understanding your customers well and exceeding their expectations. The best acquisition strategies are useless if you cannot retain your clients.

If you are looking for a great way to manage your team, save time on business operations like inspection and time sheeting, provide transparency with automated time tracking and GPS tracking, a workforce management tool is a must.

Talent Tap is the latest workforce management tool in Australia and New Zealand that helps you automate your business and can scale with your business. If you are running a commercial cleaning business or is a facility manager, get in touch to get a 14-day free trial today!