• Jack Chan

Bidding on Commercial Cleaning Contracts in Australia

The pre-pandemic world was pretty straight forward and commercial cleaning work was considerably easy. Bidding on commercial cleaning projects was simple too. All you needed to do was to arrive at the client’s place, take a look around and place your bid. That’s it. Technology didn’t really play such a big role in day-to-day operations and can be a nice-to-have feature.

However in the post pandemic world, things are a little different. With the demand for cleaning work increasing significantly, new challenges have arisen that need to be addressed. More care needs to be taken during the inspection process. Workers need more protective equipment and must follow Corona guidelines. High contact areas require more cleaning and the list goes on.

What does this mean?

Extra cleaning work means more overhead needed and resources spent. While work and contracts are important, operating cost is definitely on the priority list of commercial cleaners and a factor to keep in mind when bidding on cleaning projects.

To ease business operations, smart cleaning companies are concentrating on these specific things to reduce cost, save time and scale their business in spite of the situation:

Meet Them Online

Due to the pandemic, a lot of people are no longer willing to meet in-person. That’s perfectly understandable but business can’t go on without meetings happening. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of video conferencing apps readily available for your next virtual meeting including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meets. Use these tools to get a virtual tour of your prospect’s place and provide an estimate of the cost and required amount of work. Like in-person meetings, you can build trust with online meetings.

Provide Online Access

Offer your client the convenience of online inspections, documentation and reporting. Adding this convenience will positively impact the relationship you have with your clients. Technology simplifies accessibility and visibility. Your prospects are comfortable with the convenience of on-demand information. This could easily give you an edge over your competitors.

Show Off Your Portfolio

It’s quite simple. Win the trust of your clients to get more contracts. To stand out and make an impact, share client testimonials on your portfolio. Positive reviews from other clients and the power of word-of-mouth impacts the way prospects perceive your business. Get this right and see your business grow organically. That’s the power of social proof.

Focus On Your Team

Your team is your frontline. They will be meeting the client and doing all the work. That’s the reason why your hiring process is essential. You need to find team members that are accountable and trustworthy. They’ll help you form your company culture. Getting the right people will make or break your business. Apart from the hiring aspect, workforce training is also important. Your team can only get the work done properly and follow guidelines with proper training.

Use a Workforce Management Tool

While it’s possible to run a commercial cleaning business the traditional way, technology is improving business processes rapidly and can help businesses properly track, plan, and manage their workforce. Businesses have been known to spend up to 15 hours less time on admin work with a workforce management tool like TalentTap.

When your commercial cleaning business is powered by technology, you’re essentially getting an unfair advantage over business owners that prefer to do it the traditional way. If you’re ready for this technological revolution and want to win more bids easily right now, get the edge with TalentTap today.