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5 Reasons Commercial Cleaning Companies Struggle to Grow

Considering the commercial cleaning industry is valued at $11.7bn in Australia, it’s safe to say that it can be a successful and profitable business. The services provided by these companies are in high demand, and it happens all year round, especially now with the coming of the pandemic.

While that’s true for the most part, it does come with growing pains, quite literally. We’ve spoken to a great number of them and they all share the same problem related to growth and expansion. Once they are established, they find little room to expand the scope of their business or services.

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Reasons Commercial Cleaning Businesses Struggle with Growth

There are a great number of reasons that your commercial cleaning business is facing growth-related problems and much of them are out of your control. Be that as it may, there are still several things that can be done with a good vision and proper planning. Here are a few things that can be holding your growth back as a business:

Lack of Innovation in The Cleaning Sector

While there is a lot of technological progress going on in our world, the cleaning sector is deprived of it. It’s true that a lot of progress has been made on the invention of innovative tools and a rise of new cleaning strategies, but they still seem largely insufficient if we compare them to the pace of technological growth in other domains and industries that the world is experiencing.

  • What’s causing this problem?

This point is self-explanatory. This is

the simple truth. If you want innovation in a particular sector, you need people who are genuinely interested in researching the field and have people who are ready and willing to provide funding to those projects. Unless this is done, there’s just no way that we can expect innovation any time soon.

  • How do we fix it?

Here are some possible solutions for the problem:

· Cleaning companies can use a part of their budget to set up research departments.

· Various cleaning companies can collaborate in a cooperative fashion to derive innovative strategies and invent new commercial cleaning tools.

· Employees should be trained to be creative and innovative.

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Companies Just Can’t Scale

Scalability refers to how you can adjust your business according to your changing needs and demands, giving you a chance to create more space for expansion and the widening of your scope. Unfortunately, people set up commercial cleaning companies with small goals. Thinking about growth only means that they will be unable to keep up with the business at one point or another. This leaves the companies behind in progress and renders them incapable of growth.

  • What’s causing this problem?

It could be because many individuals that set up commercial cleaning companies set it up as a stepping stone. In other words, this is just a temporary fix and their aim is to go beyond it. When you do not put your heart into it, it leads to neglect, and that neglect brings about a fading determination and lack of motivation.

  • How do we fix it?

Here are some possible solutions for the problem:

· Dedicated people should set up cleaning companies with a big goal in mind.

· The business structure should be set up in a way that makes expansion possible.

· Skilled people should be hired to provide you with creative ideas to implement.

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High demand, but fewer Employees available

While the demand for work is high, the number of employees available for commercial cleaning is very low. This often leads to poor management of the workforce and frustration amongst clients who seek cleaning services from these companies. With customer dissatisfaction, it leaves commercial cleaning companies with little space to grow since they have lost the foundation of the relationship – trust.

  • What’s causing this problem?

Since cleaners are still earning minimum wage, very few consider cleaning as a permanent job for themselves. Moreover, the companies may not provide a proper schedule to their customers or inform the people if the employees are busy or not available at any point in time. This causes a lot of obstacles and unexpected delays, which is unhealthy for the business in the long run.

  • How do we fix it?

Here are some possible solutions for the problem:

· Better task scheduling and time sheeting process to ensure visibility and total transparency.

· Clients should be encouraged to set up an appointment a few days before when the work is needed.

· More enticing salary packages and a distinct career path should be provided, so people can see cleaning as a promising career.

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Inefficient Employee training and Workforce Management

This point may be considered as an extension to the previous one. Most commercial cleaning companies have inadequate training for their employees, and don’t know how to keep track of their employee’s whereabouts and availability. They lack the visibility and flexibility to identify the number gigs that are being managed at a time. This leads to poor workforce management, which is a serious rift in progress.

  • What’s causing this problem?

This problem may be the result of outdated software, methods and management tools used by commercial cleaning companies. Besides that, they lack highly skilled trainers who can train juniors and new employees. This, too, makes the commercial cleaning companies struggle with growth.

  • How do we fix it?

Here are some possible solutions for the problem:

· Employers can make use of proper remote management tools to keep track of their employees and ongoing gigs or projects.

· Selected people should be trained properly to work as team leaders and as trainers for newer employees in the future.

· More training sessions should be provided.

Outdated Workforce Management tools

There is a high possibility for organisations to develop efficient cleaning tools that provide maximum output with minimum labour. However, this takes time and that’s something that just doesn’t seem feasible. In the end, commercial cleaning companies resort to using outdated and old remote workforce management tools, which significantly decreases output and discourages growth.

  • What’s causing this problem?

This is a problem caused by something we discussed before: lack of innovation. However, in this particular case, there is more to it than that. The lack of innovation caused here may be the result of a lack of testing opportunities for cleaning organisations, which leads to hurdles in inventing or developing new tools for workforce management.

  • How do we fix it?

Here are some possible solutions for the problem:

· A dedicated software company should be created that focuses mainly on developing new and innovative workforce management tools to be tested and implemented.

· It should collaborate with cleaning companies to test new equipment whenever possible.

· It should understand the demands of employees to develop creative new tools.

If commercial cleaning companies can get over the discussed issues and ensure proper workforce management, they will begin to see a lot of room for their growth, success, and prosperity in the market.

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