• Jack Chan

3 Keys to Improving the Inspection Process

The inspection process involves looking for any errors in the completed service before it must be delivered to your customer. Before delivery, every single error should be detected and identified quickly. This is a very important and beneficial step as it increases your service's quality and worth. Having this process in your commercial cleaning business is essential.

Generally, the completed service will be passed on to a manager or a team leader that’s a subject matter expert with attention to detail. They’ll identify and detect all the possible errors before the service is delivered. Doing this requires a lot of overhead and can be a daunting task. That’s why it makes more sense to track and manage your workforce with technology. It’s just more effective to use a remote workforce management tool.

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Top 3 ways to improve the inspection process

The inspection process can be very beneficial when it’s done correctly. Find out the top three ways to improve the inspection process below:

Consult the customer before starting

Before setting the inspection process, you should know your customer's expectations. Talk to your customers and know their priorities in the cleaning process. Align on deliverables and expectations.

· If the procedure does not meet the customer's expectations, have discussions on it until you reach a point where both parties agree on mutual conditions and techniques.

· Explain everything to your customer and let them know everything that’s necessary including the minor details. Leave no room for misinterpretation.

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Do proper documentation

Before getting started, ensure that you have the right tools to help you with the inspection process. Always keep a proper record with clear documentation. Your customer will expect to be provided with updated evidence every step of the way. This type of transparency helps you build trust with your customer. To step it up, provide the best customer service possible and fulfill all your deliverables in a timely manner.

· Photos and notes will add additional information to the deliverables, which will be beneficial even after the inspection process.

· Photographic evidence is also important so that your customer does not associate any incident with unsatisfactory cleaning or incomplete inspection process. This will keep your customer satisfied and provide them with sufficient information to understand your job process.

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Provide your workforce with feedback

The inspection results should be discussed with your workforce to quickly resolve any kind of cleaning errors or discrepancies. You should include the additional information in your report, as it will help your staff learn from the experience.

By identifying the problem areas quickly and discussing them, your team will be able to detect the errors when they arise again. Mitigating issues early on and being communicative about the solution will help create a healthy relationship between you and your team.

Why is the inspection process beneficial?

To sum it up, the inspection process is beneficial in many ways.

· The productivity level of the team is improved

· It will save you from repetitive work, that can be costly and time consuming

· It helps increase awareness in your team to help them improve

Final Thoughts

The inspection process is essential for service providers, especially in the commercial cleaning industry. The current process is not perfect and can be improved in many ways. Taking the steps listed in this article can help you improve your service level and retain customers but there’s more that can be done. To simplify the process and scale your business with ease, you’ll need technology.

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