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TalentTap empowers your organisation to be auditable, traceable and trustworthy with award-winning technology. Plan, track and manage your workforce with ease.


Make time to work on your business instead of in your business.


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Do you lack visibility and transparency in your workforce? Are you spending more time filling up spreadsheets instead of working on the business? We get it.

TalentTap enables you to streamline your processes to minimise inconsistencies with the power of technology. Use automation and start focusing on higher impact tasks that matters most to your business growth.


Managing With TalentTap

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Track Your Progress

Allows you to track scheduled tasks onsite with transparent, supporting evidence that your client can audit in real-time

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Win More Jobs

Mitigate compliance risks and delight your clients with insightful data and more efficient workforce management

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Know Your Customers

Brings all the features together for a clear 360-degree view into your organisation and easier data analysis at a glance

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GPS Tracking & Auditing

Track via geo tagging to ensure all shifts are clocked in and clocked out with accuracy and transparency

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Take On More Work

Scale your business and take on more work without hiring more staff

Ready to simplify your workforce?

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Better workforce planning with TalentTap means I’m able to deliver optimal cost efficiency and guaranteed service excellence for my clients which is super important to me."

Emmanuel Giannakis, Managing Director at Direct Property Services Australia

Emmanuel Giannakis, Managing Director at Direct Property Services Australia

TalentTap In Action

Gain visibility on your workers' location

With the "Clock-In" and "Clock-Out" feature, it confirms when your workers begin and end a shift by capturing the current timestamp and geolocation.

Track task progress with live status updates

The Timesheet feature enables your workers to provide you with comprehensive visibility and transparency on task progress by uploading images and notes during their shifts.

Easy access to task tracking

The Manager Dashboard feature helps you keep track of worker metrics and easily view live work schedules and tasks of individual workers.

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Manage inspections with

easy-to-use technology

Use TalentTap’s photo comparison and approval process to take full control of inspections to provide optimum quality assurance to your clients. Equipped with easy-to-use signature trackpad.

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Security & Privacy


Case Studies

Direct Property Services Success Story

Learn how Direct Property Services used TalentTap to efficiently communicate directly with its staff and save hours of time on manual administrative tasks.


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