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SMAART Recruitment is a national Recruitment Agency specializing in both temporary & permanent Contact Centre and Sales roles across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane & Perth. Founded in 2005, the company along with its founder Maarten Roosenburg has built up a reputation as a trusted industry leader within the Australian recruitment landscape. 

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Maarten Roosenburg, Director at SMAART Recruitment

With the help of innovative new HR tech solutions, and internal Talent Acquisition functions growing ever more sophisticated, Maarten Roosenburg was growing increasingly aware of the need to remain competitive in the constantly evolving recruitment space. Given the field they operate in too, the rising placement speeds so desperately needed by Contact Centres in particular, is another pressure that the team at SMAART face.
"SMAART was born to address the issue of speed-to-market placement of quality temporary candidates.” 

Maarten Roosenburg, Director at SMAART Recruitment

The Challenge

Finding and screening quality talent is an expensive and time-intensive process. The teams at SMAART might interview up to 150 candidates each week, but just 10-20 of those may actually be placed in roles. The remaining 130 or so, vetted candidates end up as another number in their ATS. Over the weeks and years, that number has grown to hundreds of thousands of job seekers. "My team is excellent at what they do, but once a role is filled – the focus is shifted onto the next opportunity, and attracting a set of new candidates."

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Knowing the potential value of their own vetted candidates, Maarten started to wonder about those candidates sitting on the books and how they could be better engaged and nurtured. Even those that had been unsuccessful for one particular role, may be suitable for another in a few weeks’ or months’ time. 

Furthermore, with inflating job board costs, the reliance on traditional job ads was a rising concern for the agency Directors. Often, the recruiters would be filling a role on a Monday, putting up another job ad the following week, and receiving applications from the same talent pool. "Spending thousands of dollars on Job Ads, only to get in front of the same candidates already in our ATS was a real bugbear for me". 

The Solution

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Maarten met Tony Wu, the founder of temporary staffing App, Weploy at an industry lunch. Providing temporary Customer Service staff on demand, Weploy and SMAART are essentially competitors, but the Founders soon discovered that a customer base wasn’t the only thing they shared. Through open conversation and a mutual desire to work smarter in each of their fields - they found common ground by sharing their frustrations with the inefficiencies of traditional temp recruitment. 

The Weploy technology allows companies to hire directly from a pre-vetted talent pool of temp admin and Customer Service staff or “Weployees” at speed. Users can create their own custom talent pools by rehiring staff who they’ve already worked with, managing their casual and contingent staff base, within a user-friendly interface. Recognising the benefits and efficiencies of a more technologically-enabled business model, Maarten and Tony identified a need for software with similar functionality that could integrate with the ATS at agencies like SMAART. 

Soon enough, Tony came up with TalentTap - a new software solution for recruiters to leverage the power of their own database. Maarten and his team at SMAART were early adopters, working closely with Weploy’s award-winning engineers in beta testing, to build a truly customer-led product. With TalentTap, recruiters and agencies can create a fully branded mobile experience that will work with their existing ATS to boost candidate engagement, retention, fill jobs faster, and ultimately, reduce advertising costs.

The team began onboarding their talent base and started using the app immediately, excited by the opportunity to delight candidates with instant job notifications, leaving old, clunky text message communications and expensive job ads behind.

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(TalentTap app allows recruiters to send out job opportunities directly to their talent)

The Results

Using Talent Tap has fast-tracked the shortlisting process and significantly escalated their capabilities to service their clients with urgent fills. Maarten recalls one example of a call from a large Australia based energy retailer that came through at 2:30pm one Friday, for two outbound Customer Service roles.

“We sent the opportunities out via TalentTap by 2:40pm and within about 8 minutes we had the roles filled with pre-vetted candidates. Being able to go straight back to the client and say that this is an example of the team we can build for you, was very satisfying.”

SMAART now has employed a TalentTap Candidate Manager in order to better manage their extensive database and utilise the engagement metrics it offers to create new efficiencies. This year, it is Maarten’s aim to have a dedicated, TalentTap Candidate Manager in every state. 

Since its integration, TalentTap has enabled SMAART to reduce their advertisements from upwards of 250 per month to 40, without any effect on their ability to place quality talent. More importantly, Maarten knows that with better candidate engagement, faster processes and a more streamlined, branded application process - SMAART is able to service their clients better, help more candidates find work, and maintain their reputation as an innovative, industry leader. 

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