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Job-Seeking Tool

TalentTap allows you to better communicate with your recruitment agencies by simplfying the application process for new and exciting job opportunities. Stemmed from our award-winning tech Weploy, we help you save time & effort in finding your dream job.


What is TalentTap for Job-Seekers?

Are you tired of endlessly applying for job applications only to get no response? Putting in your details over and over again? Not having visibility over the role you're applying for? At TalentTap, we will solve those issues.

TalentTap streamlines the job application process between job-seekers and recruitment agencies in their respective industry through the use of technology.

What is TalentTap for Job-Seekers?

Using TalentTap

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Mobile App

Experience job opportunities sent straight to your mobile device regardless of where you are. With TalentTap as an app, you won't need to worry about missing out on your dream job.

Access to Job Opportunities

With TalentTap, you'll have access to current and real-time job opportunities in your respective industry.

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Candidate on their phone using TalentTap App

One-Time Application

Once you've set up your profile on TalentTap, you can repeatedly apply for any and all job opportunities without having to fill in the same details for each opportunitiy.

Centralised Job-Seeking Tool

Have everything you need in one centralized tool. No need to get lost among other job-seeking platforms.

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How Does it Work?

Invitation to TalentTap on a laptop screen

Accept your Invitation and 
Create your Account

If you are eligible for TalentTap, you will receive an invitation via email. From here, you are prompted to accept and create a password for your account.

Create your Profile

TalentTap enables you to create & edit your profile. Details such as your experience, skillsets and location can be filled in to increase your chances of securing a job opportunity.

A mockup of a person holding an iphone with TalentTap app opened
Mockup of an iPhone with TalentTap App opened

Accept your Invitation and Applying for your first job opportunity

Once a job opportunity has been released, you'll receive a notification on your phone. Open the TalentTap to view the job details and apply or decline based on your own interest.


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