The Future of Shortlisting

Purpose-built for temporary and casual recruitment, TalentTap is an innovative software platform which helps recruiters fill jobs faster utilising their own existing databases, resulting in higher candidate retention and reducing advertising costs.


Maarten Roosenburg 

“TalentTap has positioned SMAART as a cutting edge, forward thinking brand and greatly assisted us with the fast turnaround of job orders. Our Finance roles used to take up to 3 days to fill with placing ads, screening and interviewing. Using TalentTap technology, the role was shortlisted in 14 minutes and our fastest turnaround time for a temp role was 23 seconds! At times the benefit of the TalentTap database of 400 can feel worth more than the 400,000 on our ATS.”

Maheen Irani 

“The software is extremely user friendly, straight forward and easy to work with. Within 5 minutes of sending out job notifications on an urgent request, we receive notifications from suitable candidate and we were able to successfully place a candidate who began their role the following week. Just one of the examples that had us thinking its too easy to be true, BUT IT WAS! Thank you Talent Tap!”

How it works


Recruiters send out job opportunities directly to
their talent


Recruiters get notified instantly of candidates that have responded


Candidates are notified and respond in real-time via the TalentTap mobile app


Candidate applications can be managed through a custom dashboard, turning hours of shortlisting into minutes


Key Benefits 

Fast-track your shortlisting

Empower workers with instant access
to open opportunities with push notifications generating immediate highly engaging responses. Providing a seamless recruitment experience with your own branding via a mobile app.

​Gain a 360-degree view into Engaged Talent

Measure response rates and view reasons for job declines with live updating charts. Talent Tap allows workers to update their own profiles, giving you up-to-date insight into engaged candidates.

Save on Advertising Costs

Keeping your candidate pools engaged allows you to retain top talent and save money on big recruitment drives and expensive text message blasts

Improve Employer Branding and Candidate Experience

Buy back hours of admin time. More efficient search functionality and CV keyword filtering features will allow you to work on business growth and developing relationships.




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